Monday, July 11, 2011


I hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Ecofair360 008

I know that Brandon and I did. We spent the weekend presenting at Ecofair360.

For those of you who don’t know:

There were many shades of green at EcoFair360, in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, just eight miles from beautiful Lake Geneva.  With more than 200+ exhibitors, speakers and demonstrations, each day offered a variety of learning and exploring opportunities.

EcoFair360 also featured:

  • An open-air display of the alternative fuel vehicles  
  • Dozens of live demonstrations and activities
  • Exhibits of alternative energy generation: solar, wind, biomass
  • Organic Gardening and Lifestyle Area
  • Information on green business and saving money for your company 
  • Green, natural alternates to harsh cleaning products 
  • And much, much more

Being one of the exhibitors we didn’t get much time to look at everything else fair had to offer, although we liked the booths we did get a chance to see. With each booth being completely different than the next it made our time there fly by.

Our mission this past weekend was to save 2000 trees. How you might ask? well…. Shaklee corporation offers a “get clean” starter kit. In this kit you will receive equivalent to:

You'd have to spend more than $3,400 to get the same amount of clean found in the Get Clean Starter Kit!*

When you purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit you also make a positive impact on the planet, you’ll:

Keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills.
Eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.

Which is equivalent to saving 10 trees. We were looking to find 200 people that would like to change there home to all natural non-toxic cleaning products. We having got there yet be we are well on our way. 

If you would like to help our mission just click here to order the get clean started pack. Also when you join shaklee with an order over $70 you will receive the sports pack absolutely free! That is a $75 retail value! You can also receive another special value, just ask me how at

I would like to say thank you to everyone who made ecofair360 possible.  Everyone that I talk to said that they had a great time, I know that I did.

* Based on comparing number of uses as set forth on product labels of conventional, ready-to-use cleaners.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Green Drinks Grayslake

Brandon and I (Elisabeth) are very happy and proud to invite you to our very first Green Drinks Grayslake!

We are very excited to bring green living into your own home while saving you thousands of dollars at the same time. When it comes to green living there is no better place to start than in your own home! Please join us for our green living happy hour! 

Date: June 8 2011

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Last Chance Saloon (down town grayslake)

Topic: Green living in your own home

Come one, come all!
We would like to encourage you to bring friends because the more the marrier!


Safe for you, your home, and your planet™


Get Clean™ products use biodegradable cleaning agents, which means they break down easily instead of hanging out in the ground for hundreds of years. They also have no phosphates, borates, nitrates, or other stuff the planet doesn't appreciate. And by making them superconcentrated, we leave you to add water so we can subtract waste. This has tons of implications. Literally. Less weight to ship. Less product to use. Less packaging to throw away. So you can get that clean feeling about your house, knowing you're keeping the planet clean, too.


When you buy the Get Clean Starter Kit instead of the stuff you probably buy:

  • You keep 108 pounds of packaging waste out of landfills
  • You eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions


  • Sustainably sourced natural ingredients 
  • Biodegradable surfactants
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Recyclable wipes
  • Recyclable dryer sheets 
  • No chlorine bleach
  • No volatile organic cleaning compounds
  • No phosphates
  • No nitrates
  • No borates
  • No animal testing

If you have any question please feel free to e-mail us at

Become apart of our Simplee Green Team!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green Drinks Lake Geneva Happy Hour May 18th

gardening Come one, come all!!!

Lake Geneva is having another Green Drinks happy hour. It will be held at Sprecher’s in Lake Geneva on May 18th at 7:00 pm.  There will be drink and appetizer specials along with a chance to win a Free raffle.

We will be talking and teaching about organic compost and gardening.  You will be surprised to find out how much it will help the planet as well as your pocket book.

It will be a lot of fun and we hope that we will see you all there.

Monday, May 2, 2011

How Green Drinks Started!

How it all started5_308no_resize


In 1989, at a pub called the Slug and Lettuce in Northern London, Edwin Datschefski was sitting with his green design colleagues Yorick Benjamin and Paul Scott when he noticed an enviro-minded acquaintance at a nearby table. As it turned out, the friend was sitting with a few of his own eco-conscious mates, so they pulled some tables together. And so a movement was born.


The concept evolved into Green Drinks and now it's global. In 2001, Datschefski created an official Web site, and it has since spread across the world. See for the latest city count and a list of countries. Each city has an 1316organiser who arranges meetings in bars and restaurants, relays information via email, and facilitates discussions.

The spirit of Green Drinks is that anyone can come, and this makes for interesting interactions.
There are lots of benefits to green drinks; they are hard to quantify, but when you have seen people come and make new links and learn and argue and set up new schemes and get new jobs etc, it is a good feeling.


If you have any questions about Lake Gevena Green Drinks please contacts us at
Or just post a comment and we will get back to you!

Brandon and Elisabeth

Clear Water Outdoor Earth Day Celebration!

We hope everyone had a great weekend!

This past weekend Brandon and I had the privilege of stopped by Big Foot Beach State Park in Lake Geneva, WI. 34297115_a5390980ef

Clear Water Outdoor had their 5th Annual Earth Day Celebration and where collaborating with the Friends of BFBSP.  The event had everything from park clean up, Frisbee Golf and Kayak Demos followed by drawings, where all of the proceeds went to BFBSP!!!   



Clear Water Outdoor works with Friends of Big Foot State Park!




  If you have never been to BFBSP and you live in the area I highly suggest that you try to make it out there, it is beautiful!

I was surprised to see so many different kinds of kayaks available for people to try!

Don’t forget to wear your life jackets!!


Here is where all of the amazing raffles took place including the green kayak on the right!


Raffling off the winners!


The origin of the Clear Water Outdoor name is rooted from the Potowatomi Indians.  The Indian name for Geneva Lake was "Kishwauketoe", which means "clear water." Their beginnings are rooted in the idea of connecting friends and family and oneself to the outdoors. As a family owned business, they want to support you in your efforts to get active, have fun and be connected.

Visit their store on main street in downtown Lake Geneva. Their staff will be there to help you find the perfect outfit and right gear for your next adventure..


Do you know of any green local events around this area? If so we would love to check it out!

Please leave a comment or e-mail us at

Brandon and Elisabeth

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Contact Us

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Elisabeth Healsey   
Independent Shaklee Distributor

Brandon Johnson
Independent Shaklee Distributor

Your Add Here

Thank you for showing interest in our advertisement.

We are trying to help support our local green businesses with free advertizing for the rest of this 2011 year. 

There are just 3 things you need to do:

1) Become our follower
2) Like us on Facebook
3) E-maill us with your URL at

That is it, you are all done! We will do the rest!

It should be up within 24 hours of us receiving your e-mail. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Special!!!

Earth day is a day to show how we could help make people’s homes healthier and greener. What better way than with the Shaklee non-toxic biodegradable cleaners.

Right now you could purchase a Special Earth Day Healthy Home Kit valued at $66.80 SRP, for only $30 AND get a FREE MEMBERSHIP ($19.95 value). This is an incredible deal!!! And I thought the current promotion Shaklee is offering, which is a JOIN FREE with a $30 order was a great deal! This is so much better!!!!
Starting on Earth Day (4/22):

New members will be able to purchase a special selection of Get Clean® products that includes:

Basic H2 (16 oz)

Two Spray Bottles

Get Clean Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Get Clean Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate

Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate (32 oz)

Shaklee Energy™

Only available at the time of joining, at the amazing Member Price of $30.

For the Shaklee Family, every day is Earth Day, helping one family at a time to have healthier homes. It’s easy – and it’s thrifty - it can make a difference for yourself, for your family, and for the planet.

Purchase of this Kit at the time of sponsoring qualifies one for the Join Free with $30 promotion and waiver of the $19.95 membership fee.

How would you like to have a healthier greener home?

Order yours today HERE!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Drinks Lake Geneva

165 Plug into our local green networking group.

Green Drinks is now meeting in 800 cities worldwide.

Do you support or want to make a difference for endangered species, affordable housing, human rights, global warming, protecting forests, children's  welfare, or saving the planet?

Do you support or want to make a difference for endangered species, affordable housing, human rights, global warming, protecting forests, children's welfare, saving the environment, corporate responsibility, women's rights, and green living?

Do you have interest in learning, teaching, networking or debating ecology, alternative energy, zero carbon emissions, recycling, composting, green business or images (1)organic foods?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is the place for you. Join us. 

We are stronger together as a network. Austrian physicist Fritjof Capra, author of The Hidden Connections said; “Life from its beginning more than three billion years ago did not take over the planet by combat, but by networking.” Let's take action, communicate, learn, teach, debate, work together and give examples of how to turn sustainable ideas into actual practice.

picture-11-1820-20090424-474What is sustainable? It is anything that is good for seven future generations and does not do harm to the present generation.

Network and share your skills, ideas, and even inventions in order to help people, animals, and the environment.

Whatever we focus our energy, time and money on grows. If you want a better future world, focus on that with your time, energy and money, in a positive way. There is a way through the challenges that humankind has created up to this point. 

Any problem is just a huge opportunity in disguise. Share, debate or forward your viewpoints, opinions, and experiences here directly or via your email.

We want to hear what you have to say. We are much stronger together than apart and alone.go green

Volunteer to be a co-organizer or promoter of this local group. By working together and implementing and/or offering green or sustainable solutions, everyone wins.

You as an individual wins, your family wins, your children win, your great grandchildren win, your local community wins and in the end all of humanity wins. Share what you know... let everyone hear the wonderful news; that green solutions exist and work!

Finally, remember that

"We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers. We are borrowing it from our children."

Eric Straatsma MS MHM, Yuba City, 2010-09-01

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Strawberry Cinch Shake




I have been doing the Cinch Diet for a few months now and I absolutely love it!!  I have the Cinch Shake for 2 meals out of my day, breakfast and lunch.  Most of the time I am on the go with work so I need something quick, easy and delicious.

On days when I am working, I mix one scoop of the Cinch powder with 8 to 10 oz of whole milk.

Although on my days off I like to change it up a little bit and add the powder to my  home made smoothies. 



All I need for my delicious strawberry shake is:

  • 4 Fresh Strawberries (frozen will work just as well)
  • 1/2 Cup of  Ice, about 6 pieces (if Strawberries are Fresh)
  • 1 scoop of vanilla cinch
  • 1/2 Cup of whole milk
  • 1/2 Teaspoon vanilla
  • A pinch of stevia (a natural sweetener)001


Here comes the easy part! Put everything in the blender and blend till smooth.003


Pour into a glass and enjoy! 004


This is only one of my many Cinch recipes, I have a lot more coming soon!

I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Earth Day Special!

  Free Shaklee Membership!
Shaklee Corporation

We wanted to let everyone know of a great special Shaklee is offering. This is the best Join FREE offer ever yet.

Shaklee has some amazing products, that are extremely effective, and this offer is a great way to try them.



In honor of Earth Day, over the next 7 weeks, Shaklee will be offering everyone a world of savings, some great ways to make an impact for the planet, and a nice way to make a healthy living too.

Join (FREE) as a new member with a $30 order, and Shaklee will waive the $19.95 fee to join! You will also receive MY New Member Special!

As Shaklee Members, you also will get …

  • 15% discount (off retail prices) on product purchases

  • Special promotions, offers and discounts

  • Unconditional money-back guarantee

  • Access to, Shaklee’s center for health and wellness news and information from Shaklee’s Health Sciences Team, and product experts

  • There are NO MINIMUMS to maintain your membership!

join_free_50k_homes simplee green

For the Shaklee Family, every day is Earth Day. But this is a great time of year to tell our environmental story, and to teach how easy - and thrifty - it can be to make a difference for yourself, for your family, and for the planet. One healthier home at a time.

Consider this: one family deciding to convert to our non-toxic biodegradable Basic-H2® household cleaner keeps the equivalent of 5,000 bottles of conventional "ready-to-use" glass cleaner out of landfills. What would it mean if 50,000 families did the same? A great big thanks from the planet, and from people all over the world who share this wonderful home we call Earth.

Three Extra Months of PWS with GOLD. join as a new business builder with the purchase of any GOLD PAK ($299, $599 or $750 options), and Shaklee will give you an extra three months of Personal Web Site access to hit the ground running with a new Shaklee business.

*The $299 GOLD PAK normally includes three months’ Personal Web Site.  The $599 GOLD PLUS and $750 SUPER GOLD PAKS each include six months' Personal Web Site. During the promotional period, when someone joins with any choice of GOLD PAK they'll receive an additional three months’ Personal Web Site, valued at $44.85. Other join options are available for less than $200.

Join Free with $30  order and Three Extra Months of PWS with GOLD - April 1 through May 20, 2011

Contact us at for OUR New Member Special!


Have a nice day!

Brandon and Elisabeth

Thursday, February 24, 2011



It was designed by world-renowned architect, Gensler, to make a people-friendly, earth-friendly space that reflects Shaklee’s commitment to Living in Harmony with Nature®. No matter where you are in the building, you can see sky, trees, hills and fields. Advanced architectural design brings the beauty of outdoors inside with natural light, natural materials, and natural colors.

Stop by our amazing space and here are some of the things you'll see (besides all that earth and sky):Shakleebuilding

  • Sustainable building materials such as wood panels and doors that were harvested from certified sustainable forests. 
  • Carpet squares from Interface that are made of recycled materials
  • Task chairs made of recycled materials.
  • Carefully landscaped grounds that are a living herbal library representing the botanical ingredients in our products.
  • Motion sensors that turn equipment and lighting on and off to conserve energy.
  • Window shades controlled by electronic sensors that allow 80% of the light in while shading the building interior spaces from heat. 
  • Low-E glass used throughout the building to promote maximum energy efficiency.  
  • Under-floor air distribution for energy efficiency and indoor air quality
  • Sweeping open spaces that encourage a healthy flow of ideas, information, and, of course, fresh air.
  • Gathering spaces around a family-style hearth and gas fireplace.
  • Intelligent site orientation and proximity to public transportation.

Making Money Made Easy




Has anyone ever handed you the keys to a luxury car and told you to keep it? 

Did they pay your way to a five-star spa resort in the world-famous Napa Valley, plus show you all the wonders of nearby San Francisco?

What if this and much more, could be yours simply by helping other people get the very same things?



business and green Shaklee is America's number one natural nutrition company. Our exceptional products—backed by more than $250 million in research, development, and clinical testing—also provide a solid earning opportunity.

To date, we have paid more than $5 billion in commissions to people just like you. Shaklee helps families like yours live healthier, richer, and happier lives.

Let us show you how, in 15 months, you can drive a new car, earn up to $100,000, qualify for world travel, and start achieving the life of your dreams. All of this by using and sharing products that improve your health and the health of those you love.





Trips, money and cars are not the only benefits we offer. Shaklee is about living live on your own terms, on your own schedule, with the people you  choose.

What does it take?

Just three clear steps to earning the rewards of a great living:

  1. Use Shaklee products to make yourself healthier. Easy enough.
  2. Share the products with others. You'll want to.
  3. Mentor others to do what you're doing. Paying it forward pays you back.

How much money are we talking?
Instead of a fixed salary in a career that builds someone else's income dream, your Shaklee business is your own and has no income limit. What you put in is what you get out.



04_03_5---Shaking-hands_web The person that introduced you to Shaklee often is the same person that becomes your coach and mentor. As you use products, share products and mentor others, this mentor may help you develop a pattern in your work.

Call it a system. Call it a plan or model. Call it what you want, but this is your plan of action in one sentence: After you have become a GOLD Ambassador*, you find three more GOLD Ambassadors and in the process find 10 Consumer Members, and keep doing it again and again.

That's all there is to it. That's how you rise to the top and live your dreams.

When you reach the top of the Shaklee plan, we hand you the keys to your very own Mercedes-Benz hybrid, and you'll be on your way to an exotic five star destination, far from home. We'll even give you new bags to pack—and more—so you can have the time of your life!

It's time to get in the driver's seat and go!

* You can also join as a Member for $19.95, a Distributor for $39.95, and as a GOLD Ambassador with a Super GOLD Mission PAK for $750.


mission pak

While there are other ways to join, we suggest you become a GOLD Ambassador with a $299 Mission PAK ($500 SRP value).

This "business-in-a-box" provides everything you need to start, own, and operate your own global business, including your application fee, a free product coupon, a variety of our exceptional products, three months of your own Personal Website, marketing and training materials, and the rights to do business anywhere in the world Shaklee does business.

To get started, e-mail us (Brandon and Elisabeth) at

**The average annual income in 2009 for the Business Leader ranks ranged from $10,629 for Directors to $598,037 for Presidential Master Coordinators. Average annual income for each rank is calculated monthly based on information reported on Form 1099-MISC for all U.S. Business Leaders who achieved the rank that month. The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Shaklee Business




But most importantly, all of us at Shaklee are in this because we want to do our small part. And each of our small contributions put together will create that major change we wish to see in the world.







At Shaklee, doing business and doing good are not mutually exclusive. We've been demonstrating that for 50 years.

As the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S., we've been on a mission to make people healthier. And we've made it part of our job to make the planet healthier along the way.

Grass earthWe were doing it back when green was just a color and biodegradable was barely a word. In fact, we made one of the first biodegradable cleaners ever. And we were the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset our C02 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment. 

Since then, we've made it our responsibility and a conscious part of our culture to do things that help achieve positive social change. And we're committed to being a model of how businesses can help solve some of the world's most pressing problems. Read on to see how.




They say that changing the world starts in your own home. We believe that is literally true.  For 50 years, we've been making products that improve the  health of people and the planet. We believe that your home should be the safest, healthiest, and cleanest place in the whole world. That is why we offer homecare products that are safe for you, your home and your planet. While you make your home cleaner, you make your family healthier. You also make the planet healthier for other families as well. And if you think our products work so great you tell others about it, imagine the ripples of change you can generate. If that doesn't give you a whopping feeling of clean, we don't know what will.





Making a difference to the health of the planet on which a healthy life depends is part of our legacy and commitment at Shaklee.

Since our inception, we have worked quietly on groundbreaking environmental initiatives.  In 1989, Shaklee helped build schools and health clinics and planted one million trees in Asia in partnership with the American Himalayan Foundation, chaired by Sir Edmund Hillary. In 2000, Shaklee became the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset its C02 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment. 

We have continued to extend our environmental leadership into the new millennium, supporting local community initiatives and forging partnerships with visionary environmental leaders and global non-profit organizations, including Dr. Wangari Maathai, the Founder of the Green Belt Movement and the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. 

Along the way we have received numerous awards and accolades. Our belief in the difference we can make together has become even stronger.  We invite you to join us in helping to create a safer, healthier planet.